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Eat Your Own Dog Food – Amazon and Cloudfront

I heard this phrase for the first time in a while just the other day and it made me think and wonder about Amazon – their web site, and their CDN CloudFront.

When I held positions in both Product Management and Product Marketing. I would often hear the saying “we have to eat our own dog food” during product planning meetings. That saying never really made much sense to me at the time.

Choosing Between Multiple Content Delivery Networks and Load Balancing (Part V): Dyn Inc’s CDN Manager

The other new company jumping into the Content Delivery Network arena is Dyn Inc. Dyn started out over 10 years ago providing home and small businesses users domain, email, and Internet infrastructure services (DynDNS), and over the last two years has been expanding their enterprise offering (Dynect). As a new provider to the CDN marketplace they're focused solely on CDN Load Balancing.

Being the only company offering a Load Balancing product that’s not an actual Content Delivery Network, they may have a leg up from the acceptance and market credibilty perspective. Dyn says that their CDN Manager is the most effective way for customers to maximize an end-user's web experience. They also claim their CDN Manager is the most effective way for customers to maximize the performance of their Content Delivery Networks, yet at the same time bring other providers into the mix.

Choosing Between Multiple Content Delivery Networks and Load Balancing (Part IV): Cotendo’s CDN Balancer

One of the new companies jumping into the Content Delivery Networking (CDN) arena is Cotendo. They are a fairly new CDN Service Provider and are solely focused on the CDN market. Cotendo's strategy is unique: break into the business by capturing some of Akamai’s market share in the Dynamic Content area (Dynamic Site Acceleration). Not a bad strategy. If nothing else, you have to give them some kudo’s for their uniqueness.

They’ve also added a wrinkle to that overall strategy by releasing a CDN Load Balancing product. It's very adjustable. The real time conditions for adjusment rules are::

Choosing Between Multiple Content Delivery Networks and Load Balancing (Part III) - Introduction to CDN Load Balancing

I first learned about CDN Load Balancing back in 2007, during my days with Limelight Networks. Back then, Limelight Networks sold a Load Balancing product that took the requests of end users and sent those requests to the various CDN’s that were part of the customer’s CDN delivery portfolio. This was done based on customer defined percentages: X percent would use one CDN, Y percent would use the second CDN, Z percent would use the third CDN (if applicable), and so on.

Choosing Between Multiple Content Delivery Networks and Load Balancing (Part II) - One Pica Image CDN Extension to Magento

This post details the One Pica Image CDN extension to the Magento eCommerce platform. The One Pica Image CDN extension uses the first method of choosing between multiple CDN’s or CDN load balancing, which I call switching (refer to my previous blog post Introduction to Choosing Between Multiple CDN’s and CDN Load Balancing for more details on load balancing techniques.)

Magento is the leading open source eCommerce platform. The Magento platform's primary goal is to put control back in the hands of the online merchant while eliminating constraints on the merchant's business processes and flow. To help achieve that goal, Magento is committed to nurturing the growth of the Magento ecosystem by building strong and lasting partnerships that continue to develop and extend the core Magento offering. One example that's relevant to the CDN market is the One Pica Image CDN extension. One Pica strives to build scalable and flexible enterprise systems for all of their clients, large and small, and to give back to the Magento community to promote its success.

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